The Booming Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Market Will Make You Want to Invest too

December 20 , 2017 Real Estate
Mexico has always been an alluring city for real estate investors. Even though its real estate market has been unstable in the past few years, some markets have been growing. 
Among them is Playa del Carmen, which attracts more investors than ever. You probably should invest too, considering it is your best opportunity for strong yields. 
In fact, Quintana Roo – the state where Playa del Carmen is in – is the country’s third-hottest real estate market. Why Mexican cities and resort towns are doing so well in real estate is no secret. It can be attributed to two major factors. 
The first is, no doubt, Mexico’s economy which is not only strengthening but stabilizing as well. The second is, to everyone’s surprise, the Trump administration in the US. 
Let’s take a step back and analyses the situation. How is Trump’s Presidency, in any way, beneficial for Mexico? As it turns out, the government’s changes to America’s immigration policies have and will continue to work wonders for real estate sales in the Latin American country. And here is how it will all go down. 
Trump’s win: A huge win for Mexico’s real estate market too
With the new changes in immigration policies in the US, many Mexicans who were residing there have returned to their home country. More are expected to follow. Sure, some of them were deported. But a majority have left willingly. 
The fear of deportation and an unclear future clouded by racial discrimination is much too strong. Besides, job prospects do not look promising for them. With a President who plans on a “mass deportation”, many would rather leave before Trump strikes.  
So, when these people leave for Mexico, the first thing they do is look for houses. They have been living in the US for so long; they have bought homes, raised children, started a family. 
But now that their own safety is at stake, they have no choice but to come back to their own country. So, with a massive influx of Mexicans planning to start afresh, the country’s real estate sales will soon be soaring higher than ever.  
Now, you may ask, “How can you be certain that this will be the case?”. As a smart investor, you would want to know that your investment will be profitable. To assure you, here are some facts. 
As of now, around 50 people have been aided by the Mexican consulate in the US to return to Mexico. Many will follow the same path, considering it’s just the first year of the new administration. There are three more years to go. Apart from this, the right wing is doing everything in its power to shut down Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA). 
The program protects almost a million Mexicans who were brought as children illegally into the US. If it does get closed, they will have no choice but to return. Few people have already been deported due to this. 
In short, the unstable political landscape in the US will result in more and more Mexicans leaving and coming back to their home country. When this does happen, demand for properties will increase. And with an increase in demand, prices will shoot up too. 
Now that you know why you should join the plethora of investors who are laying out their money in Mexican real estate, let’s get to know why you should consider Playa del Carmen.
Why Playa Del Carmen is one of your best options
If you haven’t already been to Playa del Carmen yourself, you have probably seen pictures. Especially for a savvy investor, it’s a hard market to miss. So, if you have any idea what the beach resort town is like, it’s not surprising it’s the third-hottest real estate market in Mexico. 
With all its pristine beauty, there is one questions that remains. How can you be certain that Playa del Carmen will attract Mexicans leaving the US? Well, for one, it’s the fastest developing city in Latin America. 
This alone is enough to attract people who have to build their lives again. It also has an active real estate resale market. You can tell liquidation will not be a problem for you. 
Furthermore, the residential sector is especially booming in Playa del Carmen. Even though the infrastructure is developed for tourists, heads of corporate and commercial properties still do not settle here. 
This makes it an ideal residential location for anyone with enough money. In fact, you can see around 8,000 Playa del Carmen properties for sale online. 
Now that you know the advantages Playa del Carmen offers for an investor like you, what are you waiting for? Make your investment dreams come true today. Contact Miparo to get you the best properties at the best prices. 
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Mexico has always been an alluring city for real estate investors. Among them is Playa del Carmen, which attracts more investors than ever.


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